Cool fun ways to reduce animal suffering if you can’t give up eating animal products for whatever reason.

Don’t wear fur, leather, wool, silk or other animal fibers (especially new stuff).

Don’t buy products tested on animals like make-up or toiletries.

Don’t buy products like make-up or toiletries that have animal products in them.

Don’t go to animal entertainment venues like zoos, animal circuses, Sea World, pony rides, etc.

Don’t donate to or support companies, charities, etc that exploit animals.

Adopt companion animals, do not get them from breeders or pet stores that utilize puppy mills. (This includes all animals, like rodents, fish, birds, etc.)

Talk to others about what is happening to animals and try to help them reduce their intake of animal products, or use of animals in general.

Try to reduce your animal product intake as much as realistically possible.

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